"Nasty press release" – Why L–C had this building almost discarded

Heidi Weber: "During the building permit phase of the museum there was much wrangling and heated debates in the local council of the city of Zurich. Of course, there were many positive votes, but also plenty of negative. And as this is in such a way, the negative voices found particularly big attention in the daily press. I have never shown these press reports Le Corbusier, have not even mentioned to some extent. Always in hope that he never finds out something about this ...

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The cultural and historical heritage of Heidi Weber & Le Corbusier


… it was his final work in which his mission as architect, artist, philosopher, engineer, mathematician and magician came together into a single fact – tying up the strands of a lifetime.
It was the best he ever did.

Vincent Masucci

Throughout the stories of our lives, we are sometimes presented with opportunities that drive us to inexplicably surpass ourselves. There may be meetings which result in projects which seem inconceivable; projects which are then happily carried out by those who lead them all the way to an enduring and positive outcome.

Naïma Jornod

This building is the crowning achievement of an exemplary activity which corresponds to Le Corbusier’s will and spirit perfectly. The monument is the most worthy homage ever paid to this great man.

Jean-Pierre Jornod

Heidi Weber’s insistence on a metallic construct was, therefore, happily combined with Le Corbusier’s innate tendency to experiment with and to constantly search for new manners of expression.

Juan Calatrava

Bernard Weber: The genius mind of Le Corbusier that incorporated with feminine intuition was always present in my life.

Indeed, my mother never gave me the impression that Le Corbusier was a sort of superhuman. She presented him rather as a modest and many-faceted man who worked hard and who strove to bring his visions to life with exceptional perseverance and persistence. Throughout, she never neglected her role as a mother to me, her only son. Single mother? This was not an issue for her, even though this was at a time when women in Switzerland did not even have basic civil rights. She made sure that I attended the best schools, even though she was sometimes faced with mounting and overdue debts because of the construction of the museum. She would have never questioned the necessity of, or indeed have compromised, this.

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L–C's intellectual legacy

"Nothing is transmissible but thought"

– Excerpt –
The following was written by Le Corbusier one month before his death. Ist is the last thing he ever wrote. It reads like an autobiographical monograph, like an intellectual testament, or like the dialogue of a man with himself in act of summing up his life‘s work. The following text is an excerpt.

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Le Corbusier's Universe

visiting Heidi Weber in Zürich

Heidi Weber gives interesting insights into her authentic and purposeful life, which she dedecated exclusively to the artist and world-class architect Le Corbusier.

Video | 30 Min.

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An interview with Heidi Weber one year after escheat

Das Heidi Weber Haus - Centre Le Corbusier befindet sich seit Mai 2014 in der Verantwortung der Stadt Zürich.
Eine 50-jährige Ära ging damit zu Ende. Was wird den meisten Menschen in Erinnerung bleiben, wenn sie den Namen Heidi Weber hören?
(German edition)

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Docu | The Cassina Story

Unique documentary narrative that traces the life of the famous architect Le Corbusier and the production of his iconic furniture. With historical iconographic image and video footage from the Fondation Le Corbusier and a series of interviews with eminent architects, designers, historians and experts (Richard Meier and Philippe Starck, Arthur Rüegg, Jean-Louis Cohen and Karl Lagerfeld).

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