The Masterpiece

Heidi Weber – 50 years front woman and a lifetime ambassador for Le Corbusier

May 13th, 2014 – Escheat

  • After 50 years – Handing over to the City of Zurich

    Heidi Weber, this “monster of perseverance” as Le Corbusier termed her in a dedication where he ironically referred to himself as “her victim,” has managed this great building for the past forty years with the same tenacity which helped her to overcome the almost insurmountable obstacles which she encountered while trying to build it.

    Throughout this period, Heidi Weber has not been able to rely on any financial assistance or any subsidy from any Le Corbusier’s friends.

    She has not received any funding from the Swiss governing authorities or any international organisation. The high cost of exhibitions, activities, maintenance and staff prevented her, amongst other things, of keeping regular openings hours throughout the year, as she lacks the necessary funds.

  • Thanks to the protagonist, who has created a great heritage and an ingenious tourist magnet for Switzerland.

    In her farewell speech Heidi Weber spoke again about the ups and downs, experiences and adventures of 50-year era of her activity. Heidi Weber: “50 years from today – half a century ago – I signed a building lease contract with the city of Zurich for 495 square meters of land over 50 years on the “Blatter Wies”. My aim was to build a masterpiece of Le Corbusier. Over almost five decades, until today it enjoys an unbroken raise of global interest with around 50‘000 visitors per year, 98% coming from around the world ..."

Thanks to the protagonist

The Committee of the Heidi Weber Foundation – Centre Le Corbusier with representatives of the City of Zurich.
(From left: Prof. Dr. Richner, HWF, Mayor Corine Mauch, Heidi Weber, Director of Culture Peter Haerle, Bernard Weber, HWF and son of Heidi Weber)