Collection Heidi Weber

Largest private-collection

  • Rarely seen treasures

    Heidi Weber’s collection is unique in another respect. Unlike most of the world-famous collectors, The Heidi Weber Collection gathers top works that document “her” artist, i.e. the universal artist Le Corbusier, but Heidi Weber also works to promote the entire creative works produced by this extraordinary artistic personality of the twentieth century.

    Her merit in documenting the genesis of a work is incomparable; she has purchased the idea sketches which belong to the work and the preliminary and outline drawings and the oil sketches, including the gradual formation on growing picture sizes, which finally lead to the finished final work.

    In this, Heidi Weber is unique in the occidental history of art, collectors and collections.

  • Heidi Weber – A lifetime in the service of the oeuvre

    Each one of her collection has a particular significance for Heidi Weber. They remind her of the bond with Le Corbusier, fostered in the course of their semimonthly meetings during the last seven years of his life.

    They also remind her of her own personal history, of her passion for his paintings and for the artist’s themes which have touched her profoundly.
    The Heidi Weber Collection reflects this effort to offer a global vision of Le Corbusier's works.

Coveted exhibits

Rarely seen exhibits from the Heidi Weber collection are sought for museums or exhibitions worldwide.